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R.I.P. Germain
3/8/21 - 2/9/21
Born in Luton, UK, a couple of decades ago. Lives and works in London, UK.

R.I.P. Germain’s practice traffics in double meanings, deep resonances and a tension between accessibility and occlusion. Trickster and guide, he tries to dance a fine line: making work that speaks to deep truths without cheapening them with explanations or flattening them out for easy consumption. Sedimented with layers dense with cultural meaning and reference, the extensive research undergirding R.I.P. Germain’s work draws from multiple genres of Black experience, history and culture - personal and collective. Transformed into photography, performance, essays, video, sound and object based work R.I.P. Germain is always seeking to make art that is rigorous about his commitments and possibilities as a Black artist. Works that speak to those layers of experience, history and culture, and that also offers opportunities for him to be honest about his personal life experiences - parrying death.

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